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Cazoomi Services

Automatically sync your Constant Contact data with your CRM, eCommerce and other business applications – and segment your lists for more effective marketing.

Bringing affordable automation to every organization, bidirectionally, for Constant Contact.

We’re on a mission to bring affordable automation to every organization, bidirectionally, with our AI-enabled, all-in-one iPaaS solution, SyncApps. See how your organization can benefit today!

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Overall Benefits

  • Save time, eliminate double entry, and increase accuracy and freshness of your contact data through a two-way integration with your CRM and eCommerce systems.
  • Create targeted, timely marketing campaigns using data from subscribers, sales and checkout.
  • Speed first-call resolution time and sales by providing sales and service representatives visibility into customer/prospect history via synced marketing/sales data
  • Quick and easy set-up – DIY and set-up plans available
  • Achieve a “360 degree view” of the complete lead touch lifecycle with Custom Integration for your CRM, Financials, Marketing, eCommerce, Support and other mission critical applications.

Technical & Support

Cloud based so access anywhere you have internet access.


Integrate now, Free for 28 days, Unlimited Data, and Unlimited Team Members!

Sync all your key data - No credit card, obligation, or risk.

Get your data integrated in a matter of minutes not months!

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by JamesL267 on 04/08/2020
We have been trying to get this to work for weeks. HTML code gets in the way. Neither Cazoomi, Constant Contact or Salesforce have been able to provide with a solution.

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Comment from SyncApps-Expert on 04/07/2021
Thanks, James for the comments and yep, the HTML code in your contact details in CRM needs to be cleaned up prior to integrating anything, into any software on the market so do get that sorted out before you try again. We're around 24/7 if you need any help. Regards, Angie

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Amazing and thank you
by TZiPiR on 04/12/2014
I was so frustrated and so ready to throw in the towel and between my CC person Ian Wheeler who was so dedicated and kind and responsible and my Cazoomi people Cristy and especially Clint, we got it to work! YEA!!!! Oh and my determination that I could follow directions and I AM NOT A TECHY OR A NERD so this was VERY HARD for me and I learned so much and am ready to teach, pass it forward!! I am grateful and a perfect birthday present! Perfect!! TZiPi

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Comment from Cazoomi on 04/12/2014
Thank you and let us hear from you on when you have questions, enhancement requests or any issue. Please check back this summer for OS X Support for Mavericks. Regards, Cristy

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Cazoomi moved all my contacts to unsuscribed list!
by CarlosO29 on 03/10/2014
This app is messing up with your contacts! Almost all my contacts were moved to the unsuscribed list and CT CT says it is because this app. I have no answer from the support team yet, I am afraid I have lost all my contacts because this app.

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Comment from Cazoomi on 04/08/2014
Thank you for the post Carlos. This issue was resolved with the help of Constant Contact API team so you should be all set now. The Contacts moved to Do Not Mail list has been resolved. Apologize for the inconvenience it caused. Please visit our Community for SyncApps updates anytime: Regards, Cristy

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