Mobile Websites & QR Codes

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Mobile Websites & QR Codes

Start gaining new fans and followers, increasing your email list size, and give your business a mobile presence by creating a mobile website easily with Consected.

Publish a mobile-friendly website as easily as sending an email newsletter

Have you looked at your website on a smartphone? Does it look good and give customers on the go the information they need?

Would you like to give iPhone, Android and Blackberry users the chance to sign up for your Constant Contact newsletters more easily?

The Instant Mobile Sites service helps you publish mobile-friendly webpages as easily as you send Constant Contact emails. In just a few moments you can publish a mobile website that looks professional on any smartphone handset, without having to worry about complex technology.

Overall Benefits

  • Easy to publish mobile web pages
  • We help you add Constant Contact sign-up forms
  • Pick templates for contact details, video, menus and even MLS listings
  • Link to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube
  • Fully hosted and supported

Technical & Support

We give you a free subdomain name (for example: and generate a short URL for every page (ex.

You can use your own domain name (ex. or a subdomain of your regular site (ex. We track all the hits on your QR Codes and web pages so you can see which marketing campaigns work best.

We optimize pages for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.


30-day free trial - regular package $14.95 per month

Company Information

Consected LLC
2 Brigantine Ln
Quincy, MA 2171
(617) 500-8195

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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

I got a great mobile website and more really fast
by amyjacobelli on 06/04/2011
I am thrilled to have come across Consected and Phil Ayers. He knows all the nuances of a mobile websites as well as regular websites, and takes into consideration each detail of the user's experience. He also put sign up forms on my existing website that I had built myself, and my mobile website that he built, and connected them seamlessly to my Constant Contact account. So now every single person who sees my QR code on my signs, printed material, or on my car, and anyone who sees my mobile website or my regular website, will be invited to to join my newsletter. If you are in business, you are first and foremost in the lead business, so you need to do this, and fast! Thanks to Phil I will be way ahead of my competitors. On my mobile site, he put a touch link to my phone number, website, and email. Users don't even have to key in my phone number to call me! He also put a link to my houses for sale with the facts about each house, and several photos of each house, and a link to a mortgage calculator. He showed my how I can easily change any information on my mobile site, as well as add and delete homes for sale whenever I want to. Get his ebook on mobile websites, it's a quick education and an eye-opener. He's already thought of everything, so he saved me weeks and months of trial and error. Did I mention Phil is lightning fast and very thorough? He communicates back and forth throughout the entire process, and really understands what you want to achieve. I loved that he asks for input and approval every step of the way. His fees are incredibly reasonable, and affordable to everyone. Consected is one of my greatests finds this year! I'm immediately going into my next project with Consected.

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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

Mobile Websites
by RobertW72388 on 05/27/2011
I am a lover of technology and try my best to keep up with the latest trends. Mobile marketing is the wave of the future. It is expected that in 2011 there will be an increase of 50% in the use of Smart Phones in the United States. There is nothing more frustrating than logging on to a website with your mobile device and find out that it is not optimized for mobile viewing. I have worked with The Instant Mobile Sites for both myself and my clients. The program is user friendly and allows you to customize the content and the design of your mobile site with a minimum of technical knowledge. If I ran across any problems a quick phone call to Consected LLC solved the issue in record time. Phil Ayers the owner of Consected LLC is very customer oriented and has been available to consult with almost any time that I have called. The Instant Mobile Site is an excellent program and the customer service and attention to detail are beyond compare. I would recommend this program to everyone that appreciates an excellent product and service. Robert Wieseneck Applied-InfoSystems

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