Constant Contact for Shopify
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Constant Contact for Shopify

The official Constant Contact for Shopify App

Easily connect your store to Constant Contact and send targeted messages to drive more business.

The official Shopify integration from Constant Contact lets you easily connect your store with your Constant Contact account, create customized email messages, insert products you want to feature, and send to targeted customers and prospects in less time.

Overall Benefits

  • Automatically send a customized branded abandoned cart email to customers who left items in their cart, choose a time to send, and track resulting revenue.
  • Drag and drop products and discount coupons from your store into any email and customize the details
  • Creates pre-defined lists including best customers, recent customers, first-time customers, repeat customers, lapsed customers, and prospects so you can get the right message to the right audience
  • Promote the goods and services available in a Shopify store through an email with the Shopify product block
  • Check on your Shopify revenue right from your Constant Contact account

Technical & Support

To learn how to set up the integration, click here.

Don't have a Shopify account? Try it free for 14 days.
Constant Contact is a Shopify Referral Partner, and receives funds for new Shopify referrals.


The Constant Contact Shopify Integration is free to all Constant Contact customers.

The Constant Contact Shopify Block is available in Constant Contact's Email Plus package.

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Constant Contact
1601 Trapelo Road Suite 329
Waltham, MA 02451
(866) 876-8464

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