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Save time and money by having your email marketing lists synched to Facebook Custom Audiences in Real Time, without spending one more minute downloading and uploading files.

Sync your Constant Contact´s contacts with your Facebook account to create real-time Custom Audiences for Facebook Ads campaigns.

Target your Facebook Campaigns to your Email Marketing Lists by creating Custom Audiences in Real Time, automatically.

If you generate leads which you store in your email marketing lists, you need this. By using you can have your email lists created as Facebook Custom Audiences in Real Time. Then all you have to do is to create a Facebook Ads campaign targeting always the same Custom Audience, and will keep that Facebook Custom Audience always updated with your new leads from your email marketing vendor, without any effort on your side, and in Real Time, even before you set up your next email marketing campaign.

Now it’s easy to manage tens or hundreds of Facebook Custom Audiences, without taking even one minute of your time.

So let's say you need to target your user base by city. You generate leads and you want to run Facebook Ads campaigns based on the city where they live. This has a second advantage: it allows you to generate Lookalike Custom Audiences for each city, allowing you to extend the reach of your campaigns.

You can imagine similar scenarios with product categories, demographic groups, or any other way you segment your email marketing lists!

Overall Benefits

  • Real Time Custom Audiences
  • Managing multiple Facebook Custom Audiences
  • Extend your targeting capabilities
  • Discover new leads with Lookalike Audiences
  • Easy to manage tens or hundreds of Facebook Custom Audiences


Free up 10,000 contacts. We have plans for companies and agencies.

Please visit:

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Costa Rica 5546, Of. 301/303
Buenos Aires,  5546

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Download problem
by MarkB98 on 11/21/2018
Tried to download but couldn't resolve url ? Also, not found on app store.

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