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EZ Texting

Extend and enhance your email marketing with SMS (text) marketing. Sync your Constant Contact contacts with EZ Texting and send them text messages in seconds.

Over 160,000 clients have relied on EZ Texting for SMS marketing.

Instantly connect your Constant Contact account to EZ Texting’s easy-to-use, affordable text messaging solution. Sync, sort, and segment your Constant Contact list and you’ll be sending text messages in no time. With open rates surpassing an extraordinary 98%, text messaging is one of marketing’s most effective channels.

EZ Texting’s SMS marketing platform is as powerful as it is user-friendly. Those new to mobile marketing will find EZ Texting accessible and straightforward, while the pros will appreciate its extensive features. Whether you want to promote your business, engage your customers with mobile coupons, or run polls and contests, EZ Texting will allow you to do it all quickly, easily, and affordably.

Try EZ Texting for free!

Overall Benefits

  • Automatically sync your contacts from Constant Contact
  • Send text messages to your customers wherever they are in just seconds
  • Use Keywords to reach new customers and build your contact list
  • Automate your mobile marketing with drip, recurring, and scheduled campaigns
  • Free to try, no contracts

Technical & Support

To use EZ Texting, all you need is an Internet connection and a web browser. Monitor incoming texts by forwarding them to your own mobile phone or email — no need to log in to your account.

EZ Texting’s sync with Constant Contact is fast, easy, and safe. We'll never touch the data in your account — only sync it with EZ Texting.


Start your Free Trial today! There are no contracts, and you can cancel at any time. Annual plans are 20% off.

Company Information

EZ Texting
1410 2nd Street, Suite 200
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(800) 753-5732

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Average customer Review 3.3 (3 reviews)

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Trying it out
by KirstenW33 on 01/26/2021
Because my clients often don't see or open their emails, I thought I needed a text message system. I am just trying the free trial, however, I had to upgrade already as the free trial doesn't cover 82 clients, they charge 3 credits per MMS text and only give you 200 credits for the free 14 day trial. So...hopefully it will be worthwhile. I did receive four client replies to my group text within minutes, which I would never have gotten via email message.

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Thank you constant contact for recommending EZ Texting
by user880819 on 11/12/2019
Constant contact is such an amazing platform with absolutely brilliant service. I trust this company so much. I am grateful for all their recommendations which have been so perfect. EZ Text is just another addition to developing an excellent platform for our marketing. EZ Text is fantastic. You cannot go wrong with it. THANK YOU!

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1 of 3 people found the following review helpful:

Stay away from this company
by JerryD104 on 04/30/2019
Let me tell you. Stay away from this company. What a joke. Left several messages trying to get information on the company and no response what so ever. Maybe they are way too busy or just really not interested in doing business.

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Comment from EZTexting on 05/31/2019
Hello, our apologies for not returning your calls in a timely manner! Certainly not the impression we want to leave with a new, potential partner. For immediate answers to any questions we recommend chatting in with our New Accounts Team Monday through Friday 6am to 4pm Pacific Standard Time. Also, we are available at 212-255-4663 during that window too. Again, sorry for your experience to this point.

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