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A digital guest book for iOS


A digital guest book that makes the simple act of connecting with your customers actually simple.

Overall Benefits

  • Collect information at any time. No network connection required
  • Choose from up to 10 fields to collect the information you need
  • Automatically sync contacts to the Constant Contact list of choice
  • Customize your guest book with our original background artworks or use your own
  • Create background slideshows. Protect your settings and information with a passcode


USD 10

Company Information

Twosixheave, Inc. 601 Van Ness Ave STE 346
San Francisco, CA 94102
(971) 645-3402

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Guest'd Review
by DonE947 on 07/02/2014
Over all it is not a bad program. It works very well on my iPhone. The slide show is great and the interface mostly intuitive. There are a couple of problems with it however. You can't change the fields, so when I want the date of a birthday etc. I can't gather this data. Also, when the customer has entered their data a check mark is used to finish up the process. The customer doesn't aways intuit this.

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