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Landing Pages by Leadpages

Turn your next marketing idea into a published, high-converting landing page in less than five minutes with LeadPages.

The Internet’s Easiest “Next Generation” Lead Generation Platform

At LeadPages, we have engineered the simplest landing page builder in the industry so you can create, edit and deploy your next high-converting landing page in minutes.

With over 80 landing page templates to choose from, we make it point-and-click simple to edit and use any of our opt-in pages, sales pages, launch pages, thank you pages and webinar pages to drive higher conversions in your business.

We now serve over 30,000 customers, so we are constantly developing new features and lead-gen tools to make building your audience even easier. For example...

Not sure which landing page to use? We give you a “sort by conversion rate” tool, so you can find the highest-converting landing pages inside LeadPages with a single click.

Wondering how your landing pages are performing? We give you built-in analytics, so you can easily track conversions on all your landing pages from inside LeadPages.

Want to grow your email list on Facebook? We show you how to post any LeadPages landing page as a Facebook tab in just four clicks.

LeadPages also easily integrates with Constant Contact. With a few clicks, you can connect your Constant Contact account with any landing page and start building your list immediately.

Plus, we design each landing page to give you the highest conversions, the fastest loading times, and the best results for your business.

Overall Benefits

  • Unlimited Pages, Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Traffic: LeadPages has an “unlimited policy.” You can create an unlimited number of landing pages. You can drive an unlimited amount of traffic. You can also publish your landing pages on an unlimited number o
  • Build Your Email List from Any Site with LeadBoxes: LeadPages gives you more than just landing pages. We have created a lead-gen tool known as “LeadBoxes” that allows you to grow your email list from ANY site.
  • 100% Mobile Responsive Landing Pages: Our landing pages (and LeadBoxes) work on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices effortlessly, so you never have to worry that your potential customers can’t see your landing pages.
  • Simple Split Testing: We have created one of the most user-friendly split testing tools in the industry. As a pro LeadPages member, you can run an unlimited number of split tests on your landing pages and LeadBoxes right inside LeadPages
  • Deliver Your “Opt-in Bribes” Instantly: With our “digital asset delivery system,” LeadPages will instantly send new subscribers your lead magnets or “opt-in bribes” when they opt-in for your email list.

Technical & Support

If you need help setting up the integration, click here.



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awesome site with great templates and training
by CherH3 on 02/15/2017
This site is amazing in terms of the vast amount of training (free) that is available, plus all the incredible templates that can easily be transformed into whatever lead magnets you want. It integrates with Constant Contact and Wordpress sites.

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