MarketSharp Integration for Constant Contact
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MarketSharp Integration for Constant Contact

Easily export your ready-to-buy contacts (leads and customers) directly from MarketSharp to Constant Contact for fast, relationship-building MASS email marketing!

Automatically Export Contacts for FAST Email Marketing!

MarketSharp CC Connector allows you to automatically export critical customer data (email address, first name, last name) between Constant Contact and your MarketSharp customer relationship management (CRM) system. With MarketSharp CC Connector save time, save money, and create more targeted e-marketing and e-sales campaigns to build even stronger, more successful, lasting relationships.

Overall Benefits

  • Save time managing your contact data by integrating Constant Contact with your MarketSharp CRM solution. No more double entry needed!
  • Choose from over 400 easily-customizable templates to create high-impact email newsletters and promotions in minutes, plus you'll get exclusive, ready-to-deploy "remodeling specific" templates for your use.
  • Create targeted, timely marketing campaigns by segmenting your contacts based on MarketSharp's custom filters choosing fields such as appointment dates, product interest, or salesperson.
  • Cloud based so your team has access from anywhere.


MarketSharp CC Connector is FREE to all those MarketSharp M Lite, Standard and Pro users with a current subscription license. (However, separate Constant Constant fees may apply.)

Company Information

MarketSharp Software
505 King Street, Ste. 124
LaCrosse, WI 54601
(800) 335-4254

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