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My NewsGirl

My NewsGirl is a marketing firm that specializes in email marketing for small businesses.

Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Clients come to My NewsGirl because they often feel frustrated that they do not have the time to put forth, develop and implement a consistent email marketing campaign. Other clients come to My NewsGirl because they feel they lack the skills needed to produce their marketing message eloquently and in a timely manner. And some clients come to My NewsGirl because they are losing business since they are not staying top of mind with their customers on a consistent basis.

Creating a sustained email marketing campaign is an essential tool for any business. It is targeted, cost effective and can easily be a turnkey process that produces results.

In addition to creating email marketing plans, if you are seeking a speaker to help you and your organization or network brush up on email marketing and social media marketing best practices, I’m here to help!

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Marketing Techniques in creating sustained email marketing campaigns
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Responsive, Professional; Cathy makes our organization look great
by MelissaY91 on 03/29/2017
I recommend Cathy to anyone or organization who wants to communicate more professionally and more often. She really listens to your needs, keeps you up to date on trends, and makes sure your CC communications not only look great but are formatted/designed in a way to maximize impact. And she always circles back to check in on how a campaign or fundraiser went to see if there was anything we could tweak in the future. You are truly in good hands when you work with Cathy!

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Cathy translates my thoughts into emails with levity and brevity - and bring immediate results
by SaraC921 on 08/24/2015
I have been in my business for almost 12 years. It is critical but very difficult to stay top of mind with referral sources as well as leads without being a pest. My particular financial product has a very long sales cycle and the product has a low incidence rate so I need to stay in touch with a lot of people. I don’t want people to forget me! Constant Contact and your gift translate my thoughts into emails with levity and brevity. You have done this every month for 20 months! And your consistent skill to find the perfect illustrations emphasizes the message. It’s working! I even hear from people several years after we met– they have a new client with a need. Within the first 24 hours after a drop, I get at least 3 solid solid leads. This last drop I heard from a New Haven attorney, with a client need, and we have not spoken to in over 4 years! Your skill has helped me communicate and update people as to product changes and importantly communicate that I am an authority in my field. I believe that I stand out from the competition thanks to you. Thank you for great great work!

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Positive Review
by DebbieS461 on 06/15/2015
I highly recommend Cathy Drury from My NewsGirl for any e-mail marketing needs you might have. She's incredibly professional, takes pride in her work, and is available whenever you need her. And, she's always pleasant! Cathy has turned things around for us in a very short time frame when we had unexpected deadlines. She follows up. She's unflappable. Most importantly, she cares deeply about doing a good job.

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