Telema W. Okobi with GFEA InterNet Services
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Telema W. Okobi with GFEA InterNet Services

Qualified Marketing Expert and Constant Contact Business Partner.

Get the comprehensive marketing advice and the tools you need to complement your email marketing.

Solutions Provider, Telema Okobi, is in partnership with Constant Contact to help small businesses and nonprofit organizations generate more revenue and donations. If you're looking for comprehensive marketing services to complement your Constant Contact email marketing efforts and wish to present yourself in a professional manner, Telema Okobi can help you.

Call Toll FREE 1-800-604-1836.

Overall Benefits

  • Strategy Session / Needs Assesment
  • Constant Contact New Accounts Setup Services
  • Email Campaign Management
  • Email Template Design
  • Contact List Building/Lead Generation

Technical & Support

We build integrated and auto-pilot marketing systems for small businesses and nonprofit organizations to help them compete and keep their marketing in sync and cost-effective. Our easy-to-use tools, personal coaching and technical know-how are all designed to help you achieve big-time results on your marketing efforts.


Our pricing is affordable and comparable - within industry range.

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by TIMOTHYT926 on 10/08/2015
Nice clean layout and simple to use and find the features. My recommendations to others considering the product is: Take advantage of all the trainings Constant Contact provides – they give top notch marketing advice. I use Constant Contact for my own business marketing - sending out my weekly newsletter and the registrations and events tool for taking payments and managing my workshop and client surveys. Having used several other email marketing tools I've found Constant Contact to be the most pleasant to use and no way near as frustrating as other tools. It’s also time-saving as I also use it to manage my contacts. It's great that there are so many tools in one place. I also use and recommend Constant Contact to my clients who also love this (and my team prefer to use this against others too).

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by jrrichard63 on 10/08/2015
Constant Contact has been wonderful from the beginning of our relationship. Their products are very user-friendly, as are their people. I have called for support a few times and have been walked through the process each time. Our web specialist had never worked with Constant Contact before, but now it's his emailing company of choice. We have received excellent responses to our campaigns for multiracial children. I could not ask for more. We are a non-profit organization advocating for the multiracial population. Our database was an unruly mess before we started using Constant Contact and is now very manageable. It is very easy to add to our database; even I can do it without help. Our campaigns run very smoothly now. The tools are user-friendly and it's easy to train our volunteers. We have picked up a great deal of support because of how good our campaigns are.

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by jrrichard63 on 10/08/2015
My mission is educate people on the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle! Through Constant Contact, I can customize my newsletter to share my own photos of food, videos and health tips that inspire my readers that they too can be healthier. I love the improvements that Constant Contact has made to simplify the process of putting together a newsletter that is attractive, informative and fun to read! I actually find it enjoyable to produce something that I can be proud of! I like how easily I can schedule my email marketing announcements to a large audience and feel comfortable that my message is actually getting delivered! And knowing that it is mobile-friendly, attractive and easy to read is equally important! Getting started on Constant Contact was easy and the Support Team at Constant Contact is superb! Using Constant Contact makes it easy to stay in touch with my former clients, those who have heard me speak and anyone else who is interested in being healthy. It's almost effortless to update your contact list! My readers know that I am relevant and current on nutrition, health and food trends. Posting my newsletter and workshops on Social Media is simple and easy.

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