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Most Insightful CRM Tool I've Ever Used
by OluR on 08/17/2016
I'm a previous Salesforce user and anyone that's used Salesforce as a CRM knows how challenging it can be to generate accurate reports that allow you to effectively manage your Sales team and opportunity pipeline. Azurepath is unlike any other CRM I've ever used as it truly provides me with meaningful reports that allow me to accurately forecast and create projections 3-4 quarters out. As a Sales Executive, I live and die by the accuracy and insight that I'm able to pull from my CRM. Azurepath certainly meets both of these needs and I would strongly recommend this application to anyone looking to have a better understanding of their pipeline and customers.

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Affordable and Easy to Use
by DanF021 on 08/18/2016
We've been using Azurepath for about 4 months now, and couldn't be happier. The software is extremely easy to use, so much so that the productivity of our sales team has increased because they actually like using Azurepath compared to the CRM platform we previously used. One big difference between Azurepath and the product we were previously using is that the mobile version is basically the same as the desktop. My favorite feature is the ability to generate a realistic cash forecast based on our sales pipeline. Words can't explain how much easier it makes making our future spending decisions. Lastly, the pricing is perfect for a small growing business like ours. We're getting great value while not feeling like we're being gouged every month.

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