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Dynamics 365 Integration

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Poor customer service
by LucieP on 05/12/2014
The customer who provided the stellar review for Cazoomi SyncApp's customer service must be using their most expensive plan. Support is email-only for all other plans. If you are used to the excellent customer service provided by Constant Contact, you will be disappointed with this app. Cazoomi's policy is to respond to support emails within 48 hours. There is no option for immediate assistance. In our experience, responses to our support questions have had grammatical errors and showed a lack of understanding of the issue, creating the need for continued follow up. This has used up valuable staff time and resources on our end.

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Comment from LucieP on 09/03/2015
UPDATE TO 5/12/14 REVIEW: Support has improved markedly in the last year. We have had all our issues resolved in a timely manner.
Comment from Cazoomi on 06/24/2014
Thank you for subscribing Lucie and let us know any enhancements you would like on our support forums. We are looking into chat in 2014 for Free or Basic clients like yourself. Regards, Cristy
Comment from Cazoomi on 06/12/2014
Thank you for subscribing to SyncApps and our team always responds within 48 hours, if not sooner, as you are on our Basic Non-profit plan at $4.99/month. Regards, Cristy

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Very Disappointed with Cazoomi's sync apps
by LoAnnC on 03/03/2020
Very disappointed with the sync app between Dynamics 365 and Constant Contact. Some features work well while other don't work at all. Cazoomi's support is frustrating and extremely poor. Good luck getting in touch with a warm body. Adn exchanging emails is not resolving my problems. Currently looking for alternative solution.

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Comment from SyncApps-Expert on 04/07/2021
Thanks for the feedback and sorry your use case was not able to be met using the integration. However, with 24/7 support, email response times in under 2 hours, and a free call with our services team you should be able to work through any complicated use case for your 365 integration. Feel free to reach out anytime to speak with our team. Regards, Jessa