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Good App for Live Scheduling of Services
by BOliver on 02/27/2019
I had this idea to have a mobile scheduling app that would be beneficial for my clients, and low behold...Constant Contact provided my company Genbook. I don't offer massages and cut hair, but my company offers mobile drug testing to over 100 of my clients. There is no need for DER's, social workers, and superintendents to call the office and schedule a screen. All they have to do is pull up their app on their phone or labtop and book an appointment. I am saving my company money (no secretary to hire) and time (not of phone with 150+ clients). Would like to see more medical features added and they would get my other star. You will not find better customer service. Will not find any better in the app world. I recommend Genbook...and I approve this message. -Brent (Valley Screening)

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